Am I going to lose money on my solar panels now? And can I refuse such a digital meter? The answers to your questions

What actually happened?

The Constitutional Court has overturned the transitional measure for people with solar panels. This has consequences for more than half a million families:

Can this decision be undone?

The answer is no. The reverting counter has been disposed of permanently. Everyone will have to switch to a digital meter, with a new compensation system:

Are people with solar panels losing money now?

You will still recoup your investment, but it will take longer for most families:

Can I refuse to install a digital meter?

Everyone in Flanders will have to have a digital meter installed. So you cannot refuse this and you can no longer demand that your digital meter is settled as a reverting counter:

What happens to the electricity that I don’t use up?

You will be able to sell surplus electricity that you make with your solar panels to your energy supplier. But for that you have to conclude a contract with that supplier:

Will losers now be compensated? And how?

The Flemish government has a proposal on the table to guarantee families with solar panels a return of 5 percent. She wants to start doing this this year:

Why are they introducing this system?

The system is intended to make us more aware of our power consumption. Because if we don’t, there is a risk of problems with the electricity grids:

Shouldn’t VREG protect consumers?

The VREG (our energy watchdog) stands up for all energy consumers, with or without solar panels. The VREG has been arguing for the new system for years, precisely because it is fairer for people without solar panels and also protects the electricity grid better. We will explain exactly how that works below:

Are there any advantages to solar panels now?

Of course. Both financially and for the climate. But whether the panels are still as financially advantageous as before? That is not always so clear:

What will happen with the green certificates?

Until 2015, families were entitled to green energy certificates for 15 or 20 years. Those certificates remain guaranteed until these terms have expired:

What if you live in Brussels?

In Brussels, the reversing counter system has been abolished since the beginning of last year. The Brussels regional government did not get stuck in unattainable promises:


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