Amanda Balk provides update after traumatizing robbery

The year 2021 has started terribly in this way for Amanda. Daughter Vegas was still asleep when suddenly a package deliverer rang the bell, according to a detailed description of Amanda’s management. The realityster instructed the ‘delivery person’ to leave the package at the door via the intercom. When she went to make it five minutes later, it turned out that two men had lined up around the corner. They surprised her when they opened the door and one of them immediately kicked her in the stomach. Once inside she was brutally beaten; that’s how she got hit with the gun.

Amanda is very grateful for the compassionate response she received after the traumatizing event. “Thanks for all the support and sweet messages,” she writes. “We’re fine.”

You can see more about the robbery, which resembles the robbery that Fred van Leer experienced at the end of 2020, in the video below.


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