Amarey A900 test report: The dubious intelligence of many China vacuum robots

We have had the Amery A900 here for a few months now, a vacuum robot from an unknown Chinese company with an integrated mapping function. But I fell for it. Didn’t read what it said. Like many other comparable models, this robot vacuum can create a map of the cleaned area, but it cannot save it permanently or move it specifically. The advertised “route planning” deliberately conceals the fact that the mapping of the living spaces has only a limited meaningful background.

Modern vacuum robots with integrated lasers can scan their surroundings and thus create a floor plan. This floor plan is the basis for future cleaning. Cleaning is only complete when a vacuum robot has run through its entire floor plan. This can even mean several charging processes in between. In addition, a vacuum robot can also be sent to specific areas. For this he has the floor plan and always knows exactly where he is in the room or has to go there.

Robot vacuum: mapping is done in good and bad

It is different with the Amarey A900 and comparable devices. A map is also created here using an integrated camera, but only for the current cleaning. While really intelligent vacuum robots always know where they have not been and therefore still have to clean, the Amarey A900 only knows where it has been. More or less. A significant difference, also because the camera creates the map from the ceiling.

Amarey 900 test 4

The Amarey A900 does not drive wildly through the area and five times the same corner of the apartment. But he also doesn’t know where he absolutely has to go. Ultimately, this is based on the random principle. In our new apartment, the vacuum robot on the first floor currently has to vacuum over 40 square meters. Ultimately, whether he actually does this depends on chance, whether he actually finds all the rooms and corners.

You can see the map after each cleaning. But sometimes it’s just 40 square meters, sometimes 35 or even just 29. The integrated card function is therefore no indication that this robot vacuum is “intelligent”. The robot is only smart if it believes it has recognized a room and is gradually moving along it. Even more stupid devices criss-cross without any orientation.

Although it appears, this robot vacuum can Not can be sent specifically to areas and certain areas can too Not be excluded from cleaning. Every cleaning starts stupidly from zero, without a saved card. In any case, the integrated camera is not worth a surcharge because it serves almost no useful purpose.

Cleaning performance neat, equipped like everyone else

There are many comparable devices, including the Eufy suction cups from Anker. Basically, these vacuum robots are always very, very similar and are based on comparable and sometimes the same components. At least that makes the procurement of spare parts easier. They have a dirt container of approx. 600 ml, a large rotating brush in the middle, two forward-facing rotating brushes and an easy-to-replace Hepa filter. Replacing the components is child’s play, which also makes cleaning them easier.

Amarey 900 test 3

Only the brushes on the front sometimes throw small stones and similar dirt from A to B instead of sweeping them under the robot vacuum to vacuum them up. Actually, these rotating brushes would only have to turn a little slower, then the result would be considerably better. Otherwise, the mere cleaning performance is absolutely clear to us.

Functions can be controlled via the app, which is also possible via the associated remote control. There is also an optional schedule and cleaning can be started via Alexa if desired.

Amarey 900

Amarey 900 test 2

Conclusion: Too expensive because too little smart

This vacuum robot, which does the basic job of cleaning the floors, costs around 300 euros. The only problem is that the smart functions are not as good as you might hope at first glance. The cleaning performance is absolutely fine for us with cat litter etc. on carpets and parquet, the clear and ultimately decisive minus point is the limited cleverness of the Amarey A900. Ultimately, this applies to all comparable devices that only have an upward-facing camera and do not actually scan the rooms down to the last detail.


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