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Amazement about Willem Engel in Op1: ‘Live fake news’

Lots of people yesterday On 1 watched, express their amazement on Twitter at the statements of Virus Truth leader Willem Engel. It already started with the guest choice for Engel and lawyer Jeroen Pols, who came to explain their ‘victory’.

For a moment we were off the curfew, a judge said that the measure had been taken on the wrong legal grounds. The cabinet naturally argued against that and won. At least until Friday, the curfew will apply. But people now mostly fall over the claims made by Engel On 1 did: they call it ‘live fake news’.

Engel: ‘Coronavirus was made in a lab’

What viewers are most concerned about is that Engel claimed that the coronavirus was created in a lab. A few moments later he says he only wants to base himself on facts. He immediately goes wrong there, viewers believe. Also, the Virus Truth foreman claimed that the ICs were not full during the first wave. And children who wear face masks are emotionally mutilated.

Twitterers also criticize the fact that Engel gets so much speaking time with his ‘alternative facts’. Nobody really contradicts him and presenters Tijs van den Brink and Giovanca Ostiana seem to lack the ‘journalistic decisiveness’ to be critical of Engel.

‘Vaccination is gene therapy’

So, children who wear masks are emotionally mutilated. Many people think that this is unusual, because children under the age of twelve do not even have to wear mouth masks. What a surprise, Engel is also against vaccination. That’s gene therapy, according to him.

People also contradict that. Some people just say how ridiculous they think it is that Engel can (and should) make these kinds of statements, other people come up with facts and figures. In a few comments on twitter, Sonia explains the difference between gene therapy and RNA technology (which is used in the production of the vaccine).

Also Kees van der Staaij at Op1

And then finally: the inconvenience of Kees van der Staaij (SGP) when Engel said that he was ‘in complete agreement with him’. “Poor Kees ”, someone wrote. “Rarely have I seen someone look so uncomfortable when he was right. He preferred to take the color of the decor from #on 1 On.”

The politician therefore hastens to distance himself from his talk show neighbor. “I immediately started to take some distance, with that hustling in those squares and the tail end of carnival. As SGP, we have actually supported a great many measures by the cabinet. ” Many people praise the fact that he and his party distance themselves from the falsehoods that Engel proclaims.

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Amazement about Willem Engel in Op1: ‘Live fake news’


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