Amazon Alexa takes over voice control at BMW

In the future, BMW will rely on the technology of for voice control Amazon alexa The pure voice output will certainly be different than what we know from the Echo Dot, for example. Nevertheless, the technology behind it is that of Amazon – and it is now one of the most successful in the world in the field of voice control.

“With this technology, companies can more quickly and easily develop custom, intelligent assistants for virtually any device and avoid the cost and complexity of developing them entirely in-house,” said Dave Limp, senior vice president of Devices and Services at Amazon.

Vehicle functions and smart home

In addition to vehicle functions, the new voice service should also be able to operate smart devices – compatible with Alexa, of course. The first vehicles with the new generation of BMW voice assistants will be available over the next two years, i.e. 2023/24.

Will Amazon get data from BMW customers in the future?

On the subject of data protection, BMW explains in its press release: “The BMW Group ensures the protection and data protection-compliant processing of customer data via established processes in all countries in which the company operates. The BMW Group and Amazon it is a key concern to maintain customers’ trust, protect their privacy and give them control over their data.”

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