Amazon competes with Pathé Thuis: streaming single films

Recent movies like 1917, Jumanji: Next Level and Penoza: The Final Chapter are available immediately from the Amazon Prime Video Store. The online movie store complements Amazon’s Prime Video subscription service, which is similar to Netflix.

Amazon customers can rent or purchase the movies, then stream them over the web or with the Prime Video app on smart TVs, Android devices, game consoles and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The ability to purchase individual films is already popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, according to Amazon. This option has also recently been introduced in France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia and Mexico.

The Prime Video Store in the Netherlands contains films from Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Sony, Paramount, Lionsgate, Dutch FilmWorks, WW Entertainment and Belga Film, among others.

Some new movies are only available for purchase, after which users can watch them indefinitely. Rental movies must start within 30 days, after which users have 48 hours to watch the movie.


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