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According to ADAC, the car battery is still the most common cause of breakdowns. Especially in the cold season, batteries suffer from power-guzzling consumers such as heated seats or heated rear windows. In addition, they are no longer fully landed on short stretches – sooner or later the failure of the battery is inevitable. The life expectancy of a battery can be increased significantly if it is cared for properly: Battery chargers are a particularly great help. The Bosch C3 charger is currently on sale at Amazon for a short time at a bargain price. AUTO BILD has all the information!

Bosch C3 charger

C3 charger
  • versatile
  • can charge both 12 volt and 6 volt batteries
  • very robust binding posts
  • can only be used between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius

price € 37.70

Amazon deal: Bosch C3 at a bargain price

The shipping giant Amazon is currently offering a 36 percent discount on the C3 battery charger from Bosch. In the AUTO BILD charger test 2021, the Bosch C3 was the price-performance winner. The charger can charge both 12-volt and 6-volt batteries and is equipped with a trickle charge function. This also makes the charger interesting for classic car owners who want to maintain the battery of their classic car even during the winter break. All common acid-lead batteries (AGM, GEL, Offen, MF and VRLA) that are used in cars and motorcycles can be charged with the charger. Even deeply discharged batteries can be recharged with the charger. In addition, it is equipped with short-circuit, spark, polarity reversal and overheat protection.

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