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Amazon deal: New York Skyline from Lego for 40 euros

If you are A) fans of Lego, B) are into architecture and / or C) New York is your favorite city, we would like to ask for your attention. Because at Amazon there is now a Lego set with which you can recreate the New York skyline, on offer for only 38.99 euros *. The regular price for this is 49.99 euros – you save yourself 11.00 euros.

Build York skyline from Lego

Includes the set from the Lego Skyline collection five famous New York buildings and landmarks. Below are next to The Statue of Liberty is also the city’s main landmark: the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building and One World Trade center.

Overall, this mini version of the New York skyline consists of 598 Lego blocks *. It is 26 centimeters high (the tallest building is the One World Trade Center like in real New York), 23 centimeters wide and slim three centimeters deep. Of course, the scope of delivery also includes building instructions and exciting facts about the high-rise buildings.

The Lego skyline collection

Amazon *

By the way, you can not only recreate the New York skyline from Lego. Amazon also has other sets from the Skyline collection *. So you can also recreate the landmarks of cities like Berlin *, Paris * or Sydney *. However, the other three sets are significantly more expensive (Berlin, for example, costs almost 200.00 euros). However, all Lego architectural kits can be combined with one another.


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