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There are still a few days until Easter, but there are already many cheap deals among the Amazon Easter offers 2022. Car accessories in particular are very popular here, as are chargers for car batteries, which can be particularly useful when the vehicle is parked for long periods of time and at low temperatures. So that you don’t miss a deal, AUTO BILD has found the best deals on car battery chargers for you!

Amazon Easter Deals 2022: Chargers from CTEK

The CTEK CT5 Time To Go was not only able to do it on a large scale AUTO BILD car battery charger test leave the competition behind, shortly before Easter it is also with one discount from 31 percent up Amazon available. It is currently only available for EUR 67.85 instead of EUR 97.83. Similarly popular is the CTEK MXS 5.0, which is currently 42 percent below the RRP at a price of 53.78 euros. The CTEK MXS 7.0, which can also come up with a big discount, is particularly suitable for large batteries. Actually be for this charger EUR 156.82 is due, but it is currently open Amazon 44 percent cheaper for only 88.05 euros.

Bosch charger with a big discount

You can get a full 38 percent discount when you buy a Bosch brand battery charger. The price-performance winner in the AUTO BILD charger test 2021the Bosch C3, is currently available for only 36.56 instead of 59.00 Amazon to have.

Electrifying products from NOCO

Who prefers second place from the AUTO BILD charger test want to secure, you will find a suitable offer shortly before Easter Amazon. The NOCO Genius 5 can currently be found there for 29.57 euros cheaper. Thanks to a discount of 31 percent, it costs charger at the moment only 66.38 euros. The NOCO Genius 10 is a few sizes larger, which is not only suitable for larger batteries, but also has other functions. This model can be found at Amazon just for 99.45 euros, which means a price reduction of 38 percent compared to the RRP.

Easter deals from Dino

Also chargers from the manufacturer dinosaur can be found among the Amazon Easter offers with strong discounts – you can save up to 26 percent. The dinosaur Power pack 136302 can be used not only for 12 but also for 24 volt batteries. In addition, this offers charger a trickle charge function and a continuous voltage output. This ensures that important settings are not lost when the battery is changed. The power pack currently costs 136302 from dinosaur at Amazon only 52.08 euros instead of 69.99 euros. Here you save 26 percent. You can get a 15 percent discount when you buy the dinosaur Power pack 136312, which is not only suitable for charging and trickle charging 6 or 12 volt batteries. It also has a battery tester and is currently available from Amazon for 25.30 euros instead of 29.90 euros.

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