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Many people use spring for spring cleaning. Thanks to the Amazon Easter offers 2022, the spring cleaning of the car can be particularly cheap: the shipping giant currently has many car care products from Sonax, Dr. Wack, Meguiar’s and other manufacturers with huge discounts. AUTO BILD has selected the best car care deals for you!
Selected products in tabular overview

dr Wack A1 Nano Scratch Polish (-17%)

10.13 euros

dr Wack A1 Leather Care (-35%)

11.61 euros

Sonax XTREME Rim Cleaner Plus (-16%)

EUR 39.01

Sonax XTREME BrilliantShine Detailer (-32%)

EUR 10.20

Sonax Profiline EX 04-06 (-34%)

11.04 euros

Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish High Gloss Polish (-41%)

13.59 euros

Meguiar’s NXT Tech Wax Paste 2.0 (-41%)

18.96 euros

Meguiar’s Quik Clay Detailing System (-40%)

17.96 euros

3M Perfect-it III Anti-Hologram Polish (-37%)

33.11 euros

3M Perfect-it III fine grinding paste (-26%)

29.17 euros

Autoglym leather care balm (-36%)

12.13 euros

Autoglym Polar Wash cleaning foam (-36%)

EUR 11.05

Autoglym ceramic paint sealing spray (-17%)

13.67 euros

Amazon Easter offers 2022: Sonax products greatly reduced

Thanks to the Amazon Easter offers, Sonax care products are currently particularly cheap.

The Sonax Extreme Wheel Cleaner Plus is not only the test winner of the AUTO BILD rim cleaner tests 2021 and convinced with good material compatibility and easy application, he is also just 16 percent discount both amazonEaster deals available. Instead of 46.70, the rim cleaner is available in a five-liter canister for only 39.01 euros.

Improving the paint finish and ensuring a brilliant deep shine – that’s what the Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer promises. Instead of 14.99 euros, the Detailer is available in a 750 milliliter spray bottle for just 10.20 euros. That is a discount of 32 percent, thanks to the Amazon Easter offers for “paint care for in between”, as the Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer is advertised.

To the offer: Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer at Amazon

Removing weathered layers of paint, removing light scratches and providing an intensive color refreshment: These are just a few properties that the Sonax Xtreme Polish+Wax 3 Hybrid NTP should have. The all-rounder is currently available with a 41 percent discount in the Amazon Easter deals, which means a price saving of 8.18 euros. You can find more Sonax products with big discounts on Amazon.

dr Wack products with a big discount

The leather care from Dr. Wack is just one of many grooming products available cheaply on Amazon right now.

For soft leather and an original color depth, the A1 leather care from Dr. worry. According to the manufacturer, the leather care with jojoba oil is suitable for all types of smooth leather and artificial leather. The product is currently available with a 35 percent discount for 11.61 euros Amazon to buy.

A scratch in the paint is annoying. The A1 Nano Scratch Polish Set from Dr. wack. This is a polish for removing fine scratches from paintwork and painted plastics. Thanks to the Amazon Easter offers, the scratch remover set is currently available at 17 percent for 10.13 euros instead of 12.20 euros. More dr Wack care products with big discounts are available at Amazon.

Bargain alert at Autoglym

Products from the British company Autoglym are currently heavily discounted on Amazon.

The British car care specialist Autoglym is presenting a large number of inexpensive products for the Easter 2022 offers on Amazon. The Autoglym leather care balm is currently on sale at Amazon with a discount of 36%. The Autoglym Polar Wash cleaning foam for household pressure washers (2.5 liter canister) has been reduced by 32 percent and currently only costs 11.05 euros. To seal the paintwork after washing, you can use the Autoglym ceramic paint sealing spray, which thanks to the Amazon Easter offers costs 13.67 euros instead of 16.52 euros. Visit Amazon for more Autoglym deals.

Amazon Easter Deals: Meguiar’s Car Care

The Meguiar’s Quik Clay Detailing System is currently available on Amazon with a discount of almost 12 euros.

The traditional American company Meguiar’s has been offering car care products for over 100 years. The Amazon Easter offers include polishes and waxes with discounts of up to 41 percent.

The Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish high gloss polish is designed to provide maximum shine & reflection as the last step before waxing. Rich polishing oils should create a rich wet shine and eliminate the finest swirl scratches. The polish is currently included for only 13.59 euros Amazon available. This corresponds to a price reduction of 41 percent.

The NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 is said to be Meguiar’s technological breakthrough in paint care. The application should produce an unbelievable deep shine and brilliantly bright colors. According to Meguiar’s, the Tech Wax 2.0 also offers protection against oxidation, corrosion, UV radiation and surface wear. at Amazon you can find the product at the moment for 18.96 euros. At an RRP of 31.90 euros, that means savings of 41 percent.

The Meguiar’s Quik Clay Detailing System includes the Meguiar’s Quik Detailer and the Meguiar’s Quik Clay. In combination, the two products should quickly and gently remove dirt such as tree resin, spray mist and industrial dust. The set is available at Amazon currently reduced by 11.94 euros and is therefore available for 17.96 euros. Find more Meguiar’s products with big discounts at Amazon.

3M care products cheap at Amazon

The 3M high-gloss machine polish is something for car care professionals – and is currently available at Amazon with a 17 percent discount.

3M has long been an established brand when it comes to car accessories, painting supplies and car care products. Up to 37 percent discount are currently available thanks to the Amazon Easter offers on care products from 3M:

As the name suggests, the 3M Perfect-it III anti-hologram polish is designed to quickly and safely remove holograms from paintwork. It should also be particularly suitable for dark paints. She is currently at Amazon with a 37 percent discount for 33.11 euros – the RRP is actually 55.18 euros.

The 3M Perfect-it high-gloss machine polish is intended for professional use in the paint shop, but can of course also be used by car care professionals. Currently there Amazon 17 percent discount on the polish in the one-liter bottle, which reduces the price from 35.98 euros to 28.37 euros.

The Perfect-it III fine grinding paste from 3M is intended to remove oxidized layers of paint and ensure a high-gloss finish. The one-liter container is currently 26 percent cheaper as part of the Amazon Easter deals. Instead of 41.53 euros, only 29.17 euros are due here. You can find more 3M products with great discounts on Amazon.

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