Amazon Echo Auto: is it worth buying and retrofitting?

Advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon sells the Echo Auto for 59.99 euros. This means that the smart Alexa voice control comes into every car. Impressions, advantages and disadvantages.

Tech giant Amazon has brought the Echo Auto to Germany. For 59.99 euros can be almost every car Simply retrofit the smart voice control via a 12 V connection or a USB socket. Audio is played back via a 3.5 mm audio socket or Bluetooth via the car stereo or the smartphone speakers. Echo Auto connects to Alexa via the Alexa app on the smartphone (iOS or Android) and uses the data volume of the mobile phone. Is it worth buying and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Alexa for the car

* Prices as of October 2nd, 2020

Is the price reasonable?

A lot of development time has gone into the Echo Auto, as vehicles with numerous background noises are a great acoustic challenge. That’s why they are in the three-finger box eight microphones! After the first few months in test can be stated: Echo Auto recognizes commands better, anticipates more intelligently and reacts faster than any other speech recognition, whether directly from the car manufacturer or retrofitted.

Isn’t that cheaper?

What’s for the money?

In direct comparison to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant Amazon Echo reacts much faster with Alexa and understands more instructions or questions. There are no apps, but Echo Auto uses the more than ten thousand available Skills.

What can the skills do?

Navigate using the mobile phone cards, announce traffic jams, create to-do lists, access the calendar, read out news, list gasoline prices at the nearest petrol stations, list available parking spaces nearby, pay with PayByPhone and more.

How does Echo Auto play music?

In addition to Amazon Music, other streaming services such as Spotify are also compatible. It should be emphasized that excellent operation by voice command: “Play, stop, louder, quieter, next song” – Echo Auto does everything perfectly. The Google Assistant is not that fast, and Siri does not even master commands like “louder”. In addition to music, Amazon supports audio books and other entertainment formats.

Can the smart home be controlled?

Yes. And even Routines can be created with location-based data. Example: You arrive at home, Echo Auto automatically switches on the light in the hallway.

Additional advantages?

The Amazon Echo Auto comes with a bracket, USB and Aux connections and a 12 V adapter.

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The problem-free voice control relieves you, you are less stressed and can do a lot without taking your eyes off the road or taking your hands off the steering wheel. In addition, the Echo Auto does not have to be reconfigured again and again, as the accessories interact with the respective user account of the paired cell phone. In addition, Amazon is known for rapidly developing its products: Echo Auto will get more functions in the future!

How is Echo Auto displayed?

Advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon Echo Auto

Echo Auto is also displayed with Apple CarPlay, but is not directly supported with applications.


Echo Auto can be connected to the Alexa app represent optically. In addition, Amazon has added a new one to its Alexa app Auto mode expanded. Auto mode is at Android and iOS available. As soon as the Alexa app detects use in the vehicle, for example by coupling it with Echo Auto, the content of the app is reduced. The menu items are divided into Home, Navigation, Communication and Playback. In addition, Echo Auto will run in playback mode from Apple CarPlay displayed but not supported with graphics or other menus.

What can’t Echo Auto do?

Read, dictate and send SMS or Whatsapp messages and make calls using phone numbers. In addition, a smartphone in combination with Echo Auto is always required.

What about data protection?

Amazon relies on the applicable data protection. If you don’t trust the whole thing, you can order Alexa every evening: “Delete what I just said / today.”


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