Amazon employees doubled the company’s productivity with an idea

Today, Amazon is an e-commerce giant. The company and its founder Jeff Bezos also owe its success to its employees.

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Today Amazon is known as one of the largest e-commerce giants in the world and employs thousands of people. Almost everything – from electronics to clothing to groceries – is available on the platform. It all started pretty small.

About 26 years ago, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos quit his job at a New York hedge fund and decided to realize the idea of ​​an online book store. To do this, he first moved to a suburb of Seattle in the state of Washington – in the direct vicinity of Microsoft. Just a year later, Amazon’s website successfully went online.

“Back then [1995]When I started the company at that time, we were still a pretty small company by most standards, but we grew fast and it was very exciting, ”Bezos recalls at the Bush Center’s Forum on Leadership in April 2018, as did the US News channel CNBC reports.

New packaging strategy doubled Amazon’s productivity

Bezos says that the workflows were initially very inefficient. While Amazon employees now use highly optimized work processes to ensure that the purchased products can be shipped as quickly as possible, Bezos and his then ten employees packed the first book orders either sitting or standing on the floor.

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One of his engineers finally suggested getting packing tables. The Amazon founder implemented his employee’s suggestion the very next day. It was the best idea he had ever heard, says Bezos in retrospect. In fact, the company’s productivity doubled within a very short time.


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