Amazon Gaming Week 2022: Logitech peripherals greatly reduced for gamers

Numerous products for gamers are available at bargain prices during Amazon Gaming Week 2022 from May 2nd to 9th – for example gaming peripherals from Logitech.

Attention gamers: The

Amazon Gaming Week 2022

started today. Whether it’s a gaming notebook, peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard and headset, fast screens or gaming router – there’s something for everyone here. In this article we’ll start with Logitech gaming peripherals – check back often, this post will be updated regularly.

Gaming headset bestsellers cheaper

This is a best-selling gaming headset

Logitech G432

for current

only 38.99 euros

at Amazon. Our test conclusion: “The 7.1 surround sound allows a good localization of opponents and the microphone also does a good job. The wearing comfort is also quite high. In addition, there is a clear software that allows further adjustments as long as you operate the headset via USB .” -> Logitech G432 in review


Logitech G413

get to Gaming Week for

only 63.99 euros

– the currently cheapest price in the price comparison. The nGaming keyboard sits on a subtly brushed aluminum plate, works with the precise Romer-G switches and is very well made – everything looks stable and solid.

Logitech G413

The has two awards with us

Logitech G915 TKL

for current

only 144.99 euros

retracted. Our test conclusion: “It is impeccably processed with high-quality materials and, thanks to its flat design, takes up very little space. The highlights are the tactile, mechanical low-profile switches, which feel great and precise, and rich RGB lighting The wireless connection is so fast and reliable that we can’t tell any difference to a wired version.” -> Logitech G915 TKL in review

All current offers:

Amazon Gaming Week 2022

The white condenser microphone is also available at the lowest price

Logitech Blue Yeti


only 91.99 euros

at Amazon. The four selectable directional characteristics for different recording situations allow the modes cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8 and stereo. Also available in colors




at Amazon Gaming Week.

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