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Amazon gives away credit for vouchers from Spotify, Apple & Co.

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Are you in the middle of the pre-Christmas stress and still trying to buy gifts for friends and family? Even if you have to celebrate the giving of presents in small groups this year, you can still give them gifts from a distance and show them that you have not forgotten them. For those who do not have a keen sense for the wishes of their loved ones or simply do not know which gift is the right one, gift vouchers * could be the ideal solution. Even if this type of gift giving can seem a bit impersonal, you can avoid the risk of spreading more unhappiness than joy.

Gift cards from major brands on sale at Amazon

If you think a gift voucher is a good idea, you should buy it now at Amazon, because gift vouchers and annual subscriptions from major brands and streaming services are currently on offer there *. In some cases, Amazon even gives you credit at the shops. However, you have to be quick again here, because the majority of the voucher offers are only valid until December 20, 2020. Which vouchers you (and your loved ones) shouldn’t miss?

1. Foot Locker Gift Certificate

Foot Locker gift voucher worth EUR 25.00 – EUR 20.00 at Amazon *

2. Bonus credit in iTunes and Apple Store

15 percent bonus credit in iTunes and Apple Store – from 25.00 euros on Amazon *

3. Annual subscription voucher from Dazn

Annual subscription voucher from Dazn – 20.00 euros cheaper at Amazon *

4. Spotify annual subscription voucher

12 months Spotify Premium – 99.00 euros instead of 119.00 euros at Amazon *

5. Foot Locker Gift Certificate

20 percent discount on gift vouchers from Foot Locker – from 25.00 euros on Amazon *

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