Amazon: Is the premier premium for the Bundesliga coming soon?

  • Amazon broadcast a Bundesliga game for the first time on Monday and could now contest the broadcasting rights for DAZN.
  • According to “Bild” information, the probability is high that DAZN will continue to broadcast the games on Monday and Friday, but Amazon could show the games in parallel.
  • The DFL would like to present its results from the negotiations with the two providers today.

The confusion about the broadcasting rights of the soccer Bundesliga goes into the next round: After the Monday game between Werder Bremen and Bayer 04 Leverkusen was surprisingly broadcast on the Amazon Prime streaming service, the question now is whether Amazon or DAZN will do so in the future remaining Friday, Sunday noon and Monday parties.

Amazon was awarded the contract for the lot by the former license holder Eurosport on Monday. The broadcaster originally acquired the rights for the above-mentioned games from 2017 to 2021 for 80 million euros. At the beginning of the season, these were awarded to DAZN for 40 million euros. However, since Eurosport has not paid the last installment to the DFL due to the corona crisis, DAZN could also lose its broadcasting rights to the remaining games.

DAZN or Amazon?

The “Bild” reports that there is still no certainty about the next steps on Amazon. A spokesman told the daily newspaper that so far only the last Monday game with the DFL has been regulated.

According to the picture information, the probability is high that DAZN will continue to broadcast the remaining Friday, Sunday noon and Monday games. However, Amazon could offer a parallel transmission, similar to the last Monday game. Another option would be that Prime customers have to pay a surcharge for the transmission of the respective games.

Today the DFL wants to create clarity and present the results of the negotiations with Amazon and DAZN. Especially with regard to the eagerly awaited Berlin derby on Friday, many football fans would be grateful for an explanation.


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