Amazon Kindle Scribe: Bulky e-book reader with pen

With the Kindle Scribe, Amazon presents a particularly bulky e-book reader with a 10.2-inch e-paper display.

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Amazon Kindle Scribe (can be pre-ordered here)

is the first Kindle device that allows you to write with a pen. The device is quite compact with dimensions of 196 mm x 229 mm x 5.8 mm and weighs only 433 grams. The battery life is said to be several months. One of the special features of the Scribe is the stylus included in the scope of delivery. In addition to the basic pen, there is also a premium version for an additional 30 euros, which also has an “eraser” and a button for shortcuts on the back.

Both input pens can be magnetically attached to the reader, require no electricity, should work precisely and are comfortable to hold. According to Amazon, the writing experience should be very close to that of paper. According to the manufacturer, this also applies to reading on the e-paper display. Speaking of the display: At 10.2 inches, it is quite large for a reader and comes with switchable lighting, which adapts to the ambient light conditions and is supposed to always offer the optimal illumination of the text.

Allows editing of documents: Amazon Kindle Scrible


Allows editing of documents: Amazon Kindle Scrible


In addition to handwritten notes, the

Amazon Kindle Scribe

also a diary function, to-do lists and lined templates for meeting notes. The reader saves all data in the cloud. According to Amazon, you can also use the notes in the Kindle app from early 2023. The “Send to Kindle” function plays an important role here: You can then send documents from your PC, notebook and smartphone directly to the reader, for example to edit Word documents or PDF forms.

The pricing for the is shockingly high

Amazon Kindle Scribe

: The basic model with 16 GB of memory costs 370 euros, or 400 euros with the premium pen. The variants with 32 and 64 GB are only available with a premium pen for 420 and 450 euros respectively.

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is available for pre-order now from Amazon and will start shipping on November 30th.

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