Amazon modifies iOS icon after ‘Hitler mustache’ criticism

Amazon has tacitly changed the icon on iOS devices. The criticism from users was that the symbol was very similar to Adolf Hitler’s mustache.

An arrow that appears to be smiling, surmounted by a ‘mustache’ made of adhesive tape. This is what the old Amazon symbol looked like, which, however, was only launched at the end of January. But the icon was soon accompanied by criticism from users. They accused the giant that the adhesive tape cartels were very reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s mustache.

The comments clearly have not escaped Amazon’s notice. Alex Hern, journalist for the British newspaper The Guardian, commented in a tweet on Monday that the ‘mustache’ has been secretly exchanged for a square with a folded corner.


The change happened tacitly, as Amazon itself did not drop anything about the new design and its possible link with Hitler. A spokesperson did give this general response to The Verge: “Amazon is always looking for new ways to surprise customers. We designed the new icon to generate happiness and joy when customers start a shopping session on their smartphone, just like when they see our boxes on the doormat. ”

However, Amazon does not escape new associations, although this time they are a little less controversial. On Twitter, the comparison was already made with Aang from Avatar.



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