Amazon Music Unlimited is getting more expensive – for these users

Amazon is increasing the price of Amazon Music Unlimited for certain user groups. The details.

Amazon is partially increasing the prices for its music streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon is now announcing this.

The Amazon Music Unlimited subscription for Prime members, which can be canceled monthly, has so far cost EUR 7.99 per month or EUR 79 per year as an annual subscription. Amazon is now increasing these fees to EUR 8.99 per month or EUR 89 per year.

Amazon Music Unlimited for a single player

The version of Amazon Music Unlimited, in which you can only listen to the music on a specified Echo device (various Echo devices, Dot and FireTV are supported), previously costs EUR 3.99 per month. In the future, 4.99 euros per month will be due for this. But with this variant, you can only play music from Amazon Music Unlimited on a single Echo/FireTV and also only by voice error.

Deadline is June 24th, 2022

The new prices will apply from June 24, 2022. The new price will then appear on the first invoice after this date. In the USA and Great Britain, this price increase was already carried out in May.

All other Amazon Music Unlimited prices remain the same

For family membership, the prices of 14.99 euros per month or 149 euros per year for Prime members do not change.

Without a Prime membership, Amazon Prime Unlimited costs EUR 9.99 per month; nothing changes. The Amazon Prime Unlimited annual subscription mentioned above is only available to Prime members anyway.

Tip: Try Amazon Music Unlimited for free

You can try Amazon Music Unlimited for free for 30 days here.

Amazon Music Unlimited makes significantly more songs available than Amazon Music, which is included in the Prime subscription.

Cancel Amazon Prime membership – this is how it works

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