Amazon Prime Video movie night with up to 100 people!

The new “Watch Party” feature on Amazon Prime Video brings up to 100 people together for a virtual movie night

With Watch Party (Beta), up to 100 people can meet for a virtual movie night on Amazon Prime Video! In the synchronous video stream, users can chat in parallel.

Amazon’s new Prime Video feature “Watch Party” has been taken online as public beta in several countries. The new group watch function enables synchronous streaming and chatting with up to 100 friends. Disney + had already activated a similar “Groupwatch” feature at the end of October 2020. Even for top dog Netflix there are already several unofficial apps and plugins with which “bingeing” with several people is possible. In principle, it could be compared to a Twitch stream. Everyone sees the same content and comments on it in the chat. In contrast to the implementation at Disney +, this is not only possible with emojis and stickers, but also with written words. In addition, the function is not limited to just a few participants. Up to 100 friends, relatives and colleagues can be invited.

Film night without risk of infection

The release of this feature certainly comes in handy for many. In most countries there are already tough contact restrictions due to the increasing Covid19 infections. “Watch Party” gives you the opportunity to experience and comment on films and series with friends. The film session with friends can be set up in minutes. The organizer simply invites friends and then starts playing the Prime Video content. Whoever starts the session can also interrupt, pause, and fast-forward and rewind the stream.

Prime Video Watch Party on the PC / laptop

Unfortunately, “Watch Party” on Amazon Prime Video is currently only limited to original productions. Rented or purchased films / series cannot be played using the new feature. An active Prime subscription is of course required. This also includes some current and older films. In addition, the feature can currently only be used in desktop browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Smart TV apps, Fire TV, set-top boxes etc. are currently excluded. Integration into the Prime Video app will certainly be the next logical step.


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