Amazon sells wireless Xiaomi headphones for only 15 euros!

Inexpensive entry: At a special price there is currently the basic version of the wireless headphones from Xiaomi on Amazon.

Shortly before the second weekend of the year there is a real price hammer on Amazon. There are wireless headphones from Xiaomi at the special price of only 15.01 euros. Because of this I expect a quick sell-out, when can you get real “True Wireless Earbuds” so cheaply? For this price we can’t expect top quality, of course, but we can certainly start with this story.

Amazon itself offers the price of 15.01 euros, you have to pick the price manually via the “alternative” dealers. I can’t really explain why a higher price is preferred on the product side. In the app you choose the Amazon price as follows, but similarly on the Amazon website:

Currently Amazon can still deliver in January, but I expect the offer to sell out quickly.

Key data of the headphones:

  • completely wireless, connection via bluetooth 5
  • 4 hours of battery life, 12 hours including case
  • Gesture control via the earplugs
  • microUSB connection

Note: Prices and the products offered can change shortly before or during the promotion. We have no influence on that. We only consider German shops and recommend that you take a look at a price comparison before buying. More deals here. If you have a tip for us, join our Telegram group!

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