Amazon September Deals: Weekend Deals

at Amazon the September deals are also available on weekends. As with all other promotional events of the shipping giant, the motto is again: be quick and be the first to get the best deals before everything is sold out. So: let’s go into the discount battle! The campaign will run until midnight on Tuesday, September 14th. Until then, there will be new offers every day – even on weekends – at 6 a.m. So that you can keep track of the flood of offers, you will always find the best car-related deals here during the campaign.

The hottest weekend bargains

Kärcher high pressure cleaner K4

For the thorough Car wash at home is a high pressure cleaner indispensable. This is the only way to achieve a proper pre-wash, in which the coarse dirt is loosened so that the paint is ready for car shampoo and Co. But a high-pressure cleaner is also a practical helper for household use (terrace, garden furniture, etc.). at Amazon there is currently the Kärcher K4 on offer, which already has the Stiftung Warentest was able to convince and was rated “good” in the test. In the offer, the model costs just € 256.99 instead of € 359.99.

Kärcher K4 cheap at Amazon

Dino power pack car battery charger

In winter it is advisable to have one Car battery charger to have at hand. Because the cold puts a strain on the batteries. Cars that are plagued by short journeys in particular should be on a regular basis Car battery charger connected, as short journeys are usually not enough to charge the battery. A cheap device just got Amazon in September offer: A charger from Dino Power pack at a price of 49.14 euros instead of 69.99 euros.

Dino power pack battery charger at Amazon

Philips H4 lamps

At least now, when the dark season is approaching, it is time for his Headlights to check. For H4 headlights, there are currently matching lights from Philips on offer at Amazon: the Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 H4. It promises up to 150 percent brighter light than a conventional H4 lamp. The offer price for two lights is 18.95 euros instead of 20.14 euros.

Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 H4 on Amazon

Mobicool & Dometic cool boxes

One of the best-known manufacturers of compressor and 12-volt cool boxes is Dometic (together with its low-cost brand Mobicool). Both brands now have huge discounts on cool boxes in the Amazon deal. Among them, for example, the Dometic CoolFreeze CDF 26, a 21 liter compressor cool box for 389.99 euros instead of 615.00 euros. Cheaper 12-volt boxes are available with savings of up to 45 percent, such as the Mobicool MV26 for 48.99 euros instead of 89.00 euros.

Cool boxes from Dometic & Mobicool on Amazon

Dino power pack polishing machine

If you want to polish your car yourself, it is best to use a polishing machine. For beginners are Eccentric models best suited – so there is a risk of accidentally inserting so-called holograms into the paint to polish, much less than at Rotary machines. Such an entry-level device is currently on offer at Amazon: the machine costs 64.55 euros instead of 99.00 euros. It comes with polishing pads and a practical storage bag, among other things.

Dino power pack eccentric polishing machine at Amazon

Amazon Echo Auto

Anyone who wants to have the Alexa voice assistant not only at home but also in the car will arrive Amazon’s Echo Auto not over. The device is connected to the car either via AUX or Bluetooth and plays music, navigation or answers to questions about the vehicle speakers. The device currently costs 44.99 euros – that makes a saving of 25 percent.

Amazon Echo Auto on Amazon

Dino power pack cool box

Especially in summer 12 volt coolers indispensable for excursions and camping holidays. They are compared to their counterparts with compressor affordable, but keep drinks and snacks cool for a long time. For the deal event, Amazon has two boxes from the brand Dino Power pack on offer: the classic 12-volt box with a capacity of 32 liters at a price of 73.80 euros instead of 119 euros and a large 45-liter box with castors that can also be operated from household electricity in addition to the 12-volt socket . It currently costs 101.10 euros instead of 169.00 euros.

Dino power pack cool boxes cheap at Amazon

Vantrue N4

The Vantrue N4 is a very special one Dashcam, because it is equipped with three cameras: a classic one Dashcamgoing forward through the Windshield films, one camera for the interior and one for the rear traffic. in the AUTO BILD test can convince them and get the grade “good”. If you want to secure the camera at a low price, you can now take advantage of the September Deals.

Tomtom navigation device

For the mobile navigation Many drivers use retrofit navigation systems in their cars – thanks to real-time traffic and frequent updates, these usually navigate better than the fixed devices in the car. One of the most popular brands is Tomtom. Also in the How To Cars Navi Tests the devices regularly get good grades. At Amazon there is now the Tomtom Go 620 for 169.90 euros instead of 279 euros.

Don’t miss any deals

There’s no need to swipe through tons of new lightning deals every few minutes on the Amazon September Deals to keep track of all deals. In the Amazon app, there is the possibility during the deal event to monitor certain articles by clicking on the “Watch” button. If the desired article is on offer, there is a notification via the app. If you want to reserve an item now, you can save it on your notepad. The best deals for cars are of course available on the days of the campaign as usual at AUTO BILD.

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