Amazon should start paying taxes, Joe Biden demands

Joe Biden attacks Amazon in a TV interview.

Joe Biden attacks Amazon in a TV interview.

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Joe Biden, Democratic presidential nominee, attacks Amazon in an interview with CNBC.

The group should start paying its taxes, said Biden.

With a $ 12 billion profit, Amazon paid only about one percent tax in 2019.

The designated presidential candidate of the Democrats Joe Biden attacks the internet giant Amazon in a TV interview. Biden told CNBC that the company should “start paying its taxes.”

No matter how big a company is, it shouldn’t get to the point where it doesn’t pay taxes but makes billions of profits. It is an “inappropriate behavior” from Amazon. However, he does not want to smash Amazon – in contrast to his former competitor for the presidential candidacy Elizabeth Warren.

Amazon paid no taxes in 2017 and 2018

She asked corporations like Facebook, Amazon or Alphabet to be destroyed because they would have become too powerful. Biden emphasized that he would leave the antitrust assessment to others.

Biden also said it was simply about fairness. “Capitalism is about dealing fairly and honestly with its employees and the entire US population.”

Amazon paid income tax of $ 162 million in 2019. With a profit of around twelve billion US dollars, the taxes amount to only about one percent. Revenue last year was $ 280 billion. In the previous two years, Amazon paid no taxes at all.

Amazon also in a clinch with Donald Trump

Amazon has emphasized in the past, according to CNBC, that it has already paid $ 2.6 billion in taxes since 2016. Amazon also points out that it invests in jobs for US citizens.

US President Donald Trump has also been attacking Amazon for some time – but this is mainly due to his personal argument with Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. Bezos also owns the Trump-critical newspaper Washington Post.

In the corona crisis in particular, Amazon can hold up much better than other companies, as a large number of purchases have shifted to the Internet.

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