Amazon takes over iRobot: That’s why the takeover could be delayed

Amazon wants to take over iRobot. But the takeover could be delayed because the US antitrust regulator is asking for more information.

Update 9/21/2022:

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating Amazon’s acquisition of Roomba maker iRobot and has requested more information from Amazon. The Register reports. That could delay the takeover, The Register speculates.

update end

Amazon takes over the cleaning robot pioneer iRobots and its debts. This was announced by the online shipping retailer. Amazon is paying around $1.7 billion for iRobot, or $61 per share. Amazon pays the full amount in cash. iRobot shareholders and regulators still need to approve.

Amazon is expanding its smart home offering and is getting a lot of data

For Amazon, the acquisition of iRobot represents a major step forward in the smart home market. Amazon’s main presence in the smart home is represented by its Alexa voice assistant and Echo speaker, as well as surveillance cameras and video doorbells from Blink and Ring. Amazon, on the other hand, does not yet offer its own vacuum robots. But the Roomba models equipped with cameras, which also map the apartments, could offer exciting starting points for Amazon, for example in room surveillance as a future application. But above all: Amazon could use the vacuum robots to collect a lot more data about its customers, which once again significantly expands the existing customer profiles. That could raise concerns among privacy advocates.

Amazon is not completely without experience when it comes to household robots, because Amazon has at least developed the prototype of a home surveillance robot with Astro, but does not yet offer it for sale in Germany: Amazon’s autonomous home robot – video shows Astro in action.

iRobot and Roomba

iRobot introduced the first Roomba vacuum robot in 2002. Since then, the product name Roomba has almost become synonymous with vacuum robots. Especially in the high-price sector, iRobot is trying to maintain its market share, so vacuum robots and wiping robots can be used in combination. In particular, competitors from Asia such as Roborock or Ecovacs have also established themselves on the vacuum robot market alongside iRobot.

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