Amazon wants to buy a good ride with a zero emission fleet

The American online retail giant is committed to the environment. It has just confirmed the order for 2,500 electric trucks.

Canadian manufacturer trucks and of bus electric The Electric Lion at wind in the stern at the start of the year. After a test order of 10 copies, Amazon has just confirmed that the Lion will be able to roar for a few more years.

“That made part good ones new of 2021, at declared on the site the car guide, Marc Bedard, company founder. The Electric Lion will deliver 500 electric trucks per year for 5 years to the e-commerce giant.

Amazon has taken a option on a large part of the manufacturing total of the brand. With an annual production of 2,500 vehicles The Electric Lion welcome this news and see the future serenely.

@Marc Bedard

These trucks electric range from 3.5 t at 12 t through the tractor truck, embark of drumss going of 252 kWh to 670 kWh according toat configuration of the truck. IThey have autonomy from 270 km to 290 km. This one would be sufficient for deliveries ofu last mile, especially in town. The powertrains vary from 250 kW to 536 kW of power.


Otherwise, Tea Lion Electric at already more than 300 buses school electrical to its credit in circulation. She valso had to embark on the manufacture of its own batteries. The official launch of this new project will take place in the coming weeks with the final choice of the location of the production plant.

The Electric Lion is also preparing to go public for accelerate His development In the coming years.

Will the retail giant do the same in Europe by offering electric delivery vehicles? The question is still open.


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