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Amazon Pantry was once positioned as a supermarket alternative in Germany. The idea: You should put groceries, detergents, care products, pet food and more in a virtual shopping cart. This corresponded to a pantry package, the shipping of which should cost about 4 euros.

But Amazon Pantry was never really successful in Germany. On the one hand, this was probably due to the limited range. Because it consisted exclusively of food that is used for storage. In marketing terms, this means: “Inexpensive everyday items”.

Amazon Fresh as an alternative to Amazon Pantry

Fresh food is only available on Amazon through the Amazon Fresh service. And the shipping costs should have played a reason for customers who are used to shipping at no additional cost. Only when the value of the goods was 90 euros did Amazon send the package on the trip at no additional cost.

So now the end. Amazon discontinues the Amazon Pantry service. You can go shopping in the virtual department store again until June 30, after which it is over.

But that does not mean that Amazon is withdrawing from the food business. In the Corona crisis, Amazon was so successful with Amazon Fresh that delivery windows could hardly be found. However: Amazon Fresh is only available in a few major cities. With Amazon Pantry, however, Amazon served all of Germany via its own parcel carriers or the usual parcel services.

Some of the dry products you buy from Amazon Pantry today will probably be available through normal Amazon shipping in the future. There is no longer any risk that Amazon will link these items as a plus product to a minimum turnover. Amazon had also discontinued Plus shipping.

Promotion for pantry

Strange: Despite the discontinuation of Amazon Pantry, there is currently a promotional offer. If you buy four items from a certain subpage, you will also receive a free shipping.

Fruit and vegetables in a box


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