Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant arrives in the electric Fiat 500

To improve life on board, the electric Fiat 500 has Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa on board.

The electric Fiat 500 opens a new page in the history of the brand. Unlike the first iteration which will not go down in history, the new version more firmly testifies to the wishes of the Italian manufacturer. She is also one of the first to weld the partnership between FCA and Amazon by bringing the assistant Alexa on board.

Integrated into the brand’s Uconnect infotainment system, Alexa offers occupants full voice control, allowing them to play music, listen to the news or control other controls on board the electric city car, without having to touch the central 10.25-inch touchscreen.

Alexa also allows remote control of the car

Alexa also goes further by presenting itself as a personal assistant. It is thus possible to consult the weather forecast at a given moment or even to remotely control the devices connected to the house from the car. Conversely, the MyFiat system associated with Alexa offers the possibility of controlling certain functions of the Fiat 500 from the sofa: owners can thus, jumbled up, control the unlocking of the doors, take stock of the status of the vehicle. remaining charge, send destinations to the GPS or search for points of interest.

Alexa will be available initially in Italy. Austria, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and France will follow in 2021.


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