Amazon’s smart glasses are on sale now

The Echo Frames goggles have a built-in microphone and small, ear-focused speakers. This makes it possible to control Alexa voice assistant without other people hearing the answer.

An optician can place cut glasses in the frame so that the gadget can replace traditional glasses. The design also makes it difficult to distinguish the device from regular glasses.

Amazon had already shipped a few copies of the Echo Frames to early buyers so they could field test them. As of today, the glasses are for sale for “everyone”, according to the tech giant, but whoever tries to order from the Netherlands will encounter the message that the shipping address is not allowed.

International version of Alexa

It is unclear why it is not yet sold in our country. For a long time, the web store banned its smart Alexa speakers from our country, due to the lack of a Dutch option. But an international edition has been offered here since the beginning of this month.

The company may eventually offer the glasses in the Netherlands. Then we might also hear more about the company’s smart ring, which transmits messages with vibrations.


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