‘Amber Heard fired from’ Aquaman 2 ‘after breach of contract’

Warner Bros Pictures reportedly broke Amber Heard’s contract for the sequel Aquaman. The reason given is that the actress has violated a health clause in her contract. The news has not yet been officially confirmed.

There have been rumors of Amber Heard’s resignation for some time now Aquaman 2. First there was the Australian website Sausage Roll and later that news was picked up by the YouTube channel Popcorned Planet and the website Small Screen.

Not yet a replacement

The reason for her dismissal would be a breach of contract by Amber Heard. She allegedly violated a health and fitness clause in her contract. It is not known exactly what is meant by that.

Warner Bros. is rumored to have not yet appointed a replacement for her role as Mera in Aquaman 2. Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) has been mentioned for some time and would also be considered, but that is not yet definitive.


The reason may be surprising, the dismissal of Amber Heard herself Aquaman 2 is not that. The actress is in a legal battle after her break with Johnny Depp. Both accuse each other of domestic violence.

After a recent conviction for Johnny Depp, Warner Bros. replace it in Fantastic Beasts. Fans of the actor then filed a petition asking for Amber Heard’s resignation Aquaman. That petition collected more than 2 million signatures.


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