AMD also wants to enable RSR on older graphics cards

After the players’ outcry, AMD wants to check whether Radeon Super Resolution can also be used on older graphics cards.

Last week AMD released new drivers for Radeon graphics cards that enable Radeon Super Resolution (RSR). This allows games to be calculated in a lower resolution and then scaled up to the desired resolution. The result is higher frame rates with minimal loss of quality. Compared to the previous AMD technology Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR), RSR is supposed to be via the driver

at all games

function. However, RSR can currently only be used on graphics cards with RDNA architecture.

Shitstorm on Reddit

This circumstance caused many angry posts on Reddit. Users wish that RSR also works on older Vega or Polaris GPUs. Because especially with older graphics cards, a boost in the frame rate would be particularly necessary. Particularly annoying: FSR still works on these cards, even Geforce graphics cards can be used with them. Users therefore assume that there is no reason to limit RSR to RDNA graphics cards.

AMD wants to examine the situation

AMD employee Glen Matthews announced to PC Gamer that they would like to continue working on RSR. You only focused on the RDNA graphics cards at the beginning. After all, this is where the advantage of a higher output resolution would be greatest. In the second quarter, however, AMD also wants to make the new Ryzen 6000 APUs fit for RSR. In the third quarter, older graphics cards might then also be supported. We are currently examining all options. But this is probably not a promise. At least AMD seems to want to take user criticism to heart.

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