AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution will soon receive an update to version 2.0

According to current rumors, AMD could present version 2.0 of its upscaling technology FidelityFX Super Resolution with an important change and optimization in the course of GDC 2022.

FidelityFX Super Resolution (read the article) is the name of AMD’s upscaling technology, which makes it possible to get higher frame numbers in modern computer games at the expense of image quality. According to their own statements, the developer of CapFrameX is said to have received access to version 2.0 of FSR demo material. The update should bring a fundamental change compared to its predecessor: the feature should no longer rely on spatial but on temporal upscaling, just like Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) from Nvidia. However, the hardware requirements should not change, so FSR 2.0 should be compatible with the GPUs from all providers and do not require artificial intelligence.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0

According to a tweet from

FSR 2.0 should bring a fundamental change. The feature should no longer rely on spatial, but on temporal upscaling, which could drastically improve the image quality together with optimized anti-aliasing. In contrast to DLSS or Intel XeSS, however, no artificial intelligence should be necessary. As a result, FSR 2.0 requires no special hardware and is compatible with graphics cards from all vendors. However, the tweet does not reveal whether there will be restrictions regarding the age of GPUs.

On March 14th, CapFrameX published another tweet regarding the performance of FSR version 2.0. The performance gain using the example of Deathloop should decrease somewhat compared to the first version. Specifically, there is talk of the fact that the performance mode of FSR 2.0 can almost double the frame rate, with FSR 1.0 the FPS could be increased by a factor of 1.3. In return, however, the image quality with FSR 2.0 should be significantly better than the first version.

The Game Developers Conference 2022 (GDC) will take place next week from March 21st to 25th. As part of this event, AMD will hold a session called “Next-Generation Image Upscaling for Gamers”. Accordingly, it is not unlikely that we will see the first demo material from AMD’s FSR 2.0 as early as next week. The GDC itself requires you to register online, but AMD’s video is scheduled to be publicly available from March 24th at 3pm German time.

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