AMD releases more details about Ryzen 7000

With the Ryzen 7000 CPUs, AMD is preparing for the release of new processors with Zen 4 technology.

AMD wants to use the Zen 4 technology for its latest processors of the Ryzen 7000 series. Together with more powerful RDNA3 graphics units, a higher clock and 3D V-Cache, processors that are so fast should roll off the assembly line that significantly surpass their predecessors.

Zen 4 still planned for 2022

The manufacturer has now revealed new details about the Zen 4 architecture. However, there will be no new chips with the technology before the fall. Nevertheless, AMD has already given an outlook on the Zen 5 architecture, which should appear for desktop PCs and notebooks in 2024. In the coming year there will also be new CPUs based on Zen 4 for notebooks. However, the desktop CPUs with Zen 4 should still be released as planned this year.

Faster and more economical

With the Ryzen 7000 processors, AMD wants to break through the 5 GHz mark, offer full support for DDR5 memory and also support PCI Express 5.0. In the single-threading performance, an increase of 15 percent can be expected compared to Ryzen 5000. With Zen 4, a performance increase of 8 to 10 percent is possible compared to Zen 3. The efficiency also increases by 25 percent per watt compared to the Zen 3.

3D V-Cache for PCs and RDNA3 for notebooks

AMD also wants to equip some Zen 4 CPUs with 3D V-Cache. This stacked buffer offers great performance advantages, especially in games, as the Ryzen 7 5800X3D was able to prove. The notebook processors with Zen 4 technology are also said to be manufactured using the 4-nanometer process and house an RDNA3 graphics unit. The new GPUs are said to offer up to 50 percent more performance per watt compared to RDNA2. This would have a positive effect on the runtime of notebooks.

Ryzen 7000: With up to 24 cores and 5.4 GHz boost

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