AMG drive for 299 euros per month

Drive cheap AMG? It’s possible, because there is one at the moment Mercedes AMG CLA 35 Shooting Brake to the low price in leasing. With a Base price of 54,472 euros the 306 hp lifestyle station wagon is already one of the cheapest AMG models currently available. If you have concerns that the 35 version is not a real AMG, we can reassure you. Although the two-liter four-cylinder turbo with 306 hp and 400 Nm 115 hp and 100 Nm less than the top model CLA 45 S, thanks to the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and 4Matic all-wheel drive it still works 4.9 seconds to 100 km/h!
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) you can Commercial customers the Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Shooting Brake currently for cheap Lease 299 euros net without down payment. the contract term is on 48 months designed, if you want a shorter lease, you should ask your leasing partner before signing the contract. Unfortunately, the deal has a not inconsiderable catch: The free kilometers are with ridiculous 5000 per year specified, which should not even be enough for most people to go shopping. Fortunately, different kilometer packages can be selected, but of course they cost extra. With the usual 10,000 kilometers per year for leasing, the rate increases by 30 euros net. With 20,000 free kilometers the CLA 35 suddenly no longer costs 299 euros net per year, but 439 euros net. (Calculate maintenance costs? To compare car insurance!)

There are also one-time provision costs, which amount to 990 euros net for this offer. This results in the best case Total leasing costs of 15,644 euros net (299 euros times 48 plus 990 euros) with little everyday use 5000 kilometers per year. With 40,000 kilometers in four years, the total leasing costs increase to 16,782 euros net (329 euros times 48 plus 990 euros). The CLA 35 is available as a freely configurable new vehicle.

CLA 35 with a delivery time of nine months

Since this is an AMG model, the standard equipment already extensive. Among other things, 18-inch rims, red seat belts, lane departure warning, MBUX, AMG chassis and more are on board. Optional extras are available at extra cost and the non-binding delivery time the leasing partner gives nine months on. According to, the offer may no longer be available at short notice due to high demand. An overview of all interesting leasing deals can be found here!

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