‘Among Us’ will soon be updated with fun news

The game of the moment is without a doubt Among Us. It is not completely new, but the game that was released in 2018 has gained enormous popularity in recent weeks. That is why there will be a new version soon, in which there will be some nice new features.

Among Us is currently working on new features that can make the game even more exciting. Right now, those new elements are in the testing phase, but they might be added to the game for everyone soon.

Among Us

You can Among Us sort of like a simplified version of The mole or Werewolves from Wakkerdam. Together with three to nine players you form the crew of a spaceship. The object of the game is to make the spaceship take off. But one of the players (or more if you play with a lot) is actually not part of the crew and tries to sabotage things.

That sabotage ranges from performing fake tasks to murdering the crew members. Whoever is murdered turns into a ghost. This allows you to walk through the walls and still help the crew, but interaction with the other crew members becomes more difficult.

The game can thus also be won in two ways. As a crew member you can win if all tasks are completed or if you can unmask and kill the trickster (s). As a cheater (imposter) you win when you have been able to sabotage enough assignments or when you have killed so many crew members that there are now as many cheaters as crew members involved.

New features

Initially, the game developer Innersloth worked on a sequel. But due to the enormous popularity of the original game, the developer decided to just build on Among Us. For example, some can already play the beta version.

Who on Steam Among Us can discover these new functions now. This includes anonymous voting. The voting rounds, where players have to vote for the cheater (s), are currently always public, but with the new update you will be able to choose to have the vote take place anonymously. So you don’t know who voted for whom. Furthermore, the beta version also includes an option to remove the taskbar or to only have it appear during meetings. Finally, the new update also focuses more on color-blind players. Some jobs require you to connect cables of the same color. And of course that’s not easy for color-blind players. By adding symbols, it also becomes more feasible for those who are color blind.

Innersloth has not yet confirmed whether these features will be available to everyone or when they would be. But for the time being the innovations seem to be appealing.

You can Among Us for 3.99 euros on Steam. Or download for free for Android or iOS.


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