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Amazon is launching a Clubhouse competitor with Amp. However, the app does not focus on voice chats, but on music.

The US group Amazon launched its long-rumoured clubhouse competitor this week. The app is called Amp. Unlike Clubhouse, which focuses on voice chat, Amp is all about the music.

Millions of licensed songs

As Amazon explains in its official announcement, Amp is intended to turn every user into a radio DJ. Users can program playlists, speak to listeners, and chat with in-call guests. According to its own statements, Amazon has signed contracts with three major record labels and numerous indies for a wide range of music. Users can choose from several million licensed songs for their radio show. Listeners do not need to subscribe to any particular service to be able to hear the music in its entirety.

Prominent presenters on board

In contrast to Facebook and Twitter, which have also tried their hand at Clubhouse competitors, Amazon stands out from the other services with its music licenses. To get Amp noticed at launch, Amazon has brought on celebrity presenters Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, Tinashe, Travis Barker, Lil Yachty and Big Boi to stream on Amp.

For the time being only in the USA

Amp will initially only launch in the US and will initially only be available as an app for iOS. The limited beta has a waiting list that will gradually grant access to users. It is still unclear whether Amazon is also planning an Android and a web version. Whether and when the service will come to Germany is also still in the stars.

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