Amsterdam: ‘Ailing hospitality industry should not fall into the wrong hands’

Due to the corona crisis, rogue investors can gain the upper hand, says Femke Halsema in conversation with Het Financieele Dagblad (FD).

The Amsterdam mayor takes into account that many cafes and restaurants will not make it in the coming period, despite the support measures. As a result, they are forced to end up for sale.

“I cannot rule it out, although it is not our goal. 8,000 catering establishments in a city is a vulnerable number,” Halsema told the newspaper.

It poses a problem for the municipality. “An additional risk is undermining and dirty money. In other words: we naturally want to keep the solid companies and not for the wrong investors to take over the things in need.”

Sales transactions will therefore be scrutinized in collaboration with the Tax and Customs Administration and the FIOD. Research from before the crisis has already shown that criminal money is often involved.

Halsema also says he is taking other measures, such as making hotels subject to a permit. “To be able to investigate the people behind it.”


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