An affordable electric city car on the way to Cupra

In addition to the el-Born, Cupra could offer a small electric car in its range before 2025.

Seat’s new sporting and electric entity has many plans for the future. In addition to partial electrification of its range with a range of rechargeable hybrids, Cupra will launch several electric models. This is the case of the imminent el-Born, but also of a future city-dweller which will see the light of day by 2025.

This is what the boss of the Spanish brand, Wayne Griffiths, promised during an interview with our English colleagues from Autocar magazine. Although the English journalists evoke a car the size of a Seat Ibiza, this next electric should belong to the A segment, where the Fiat 500 and Renault Twingo are among others.

A 45 kWh battery on the program?

The boss of the brand has confirmed the use of the MEB-Lite platform developed by the Volkswagen group for the city car in the ID range. As usual, it will also share the mechanics with its German cousin, just like the battery, for the moment anticipated with a capacity of 45 kWh.

Undoubtedly dressed in a tracksuit like the rest of the range, the small electric should contain its price. This is what Wayne Griffiths’ statements suggest: “This car will be more than a car for us. It is the future of the automotive industry in Spain. Cupra will help make electric cars accessible to the general public with a small urban electric car ”. Electricity for all, therefore, which is reminiscent of Renault’s strategy with the next electric R5.


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