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An anticipation and other voices about Heineken’s ‘first beer’

‘The first beer’ has been trending on Twitter since last night, partly due to beer brewer Heineken who cleverly responds to that first beer on the terrace that we can almost smell and taste. People on Twitter will of course find all kinds of things about that first beer and / or the advertising, in which the leading role is reserved for an old acquaintance. Rudi, do you remember him?


Immediately after the press conference, beer brand Heineken presents an advertisement in which “an old legend” is presented. Ski instructor Rudi, who we still know from his enthusiastic ‘Biertje?’ somewhere in an illustrious ski resort, is now popping up in Amsterdam. A few years older and wrinkles richer, but still with the same boyish bravado. After shaving his beard and diving into his closet, he shouts his familiar statement in front of a full terrace, including wild arm gestures, “Heeeeeee… Beer?” where afterwards all people in the same orange Hawaiian shirt as Rudi are drinking and of course very happy.

Comments on Twitter

Many people can appreciate the Heineken advertising. “Good old man in a new blouse,” someone writes.

“After all the drinks at home and my 4 walls will #thefirst beer taste good again on the terrace with all (1) my friend (s), another already rubs his hands. The beer-lovers-of-another-brand also make themselves heard:

Other sounds

But there are also other sounds. For example, a price increase is expected and others do not like to ‘stupidly stare at each other’ on the terrace and fortunately he has his own garden. Another: “how so #thefirst beer out of the closet? That first cup of coffee on a terrace, that’s great! ”

The Heineken social media team can now start to toast.

Less sales of beer

Although it is a cheerful advertisement in less rosy times: Heineken continues to suffer from the catering closures in many European countries in particular. These ensured that Heineken sold less beer on an annual basis in the first quarter as well. Less than a third of the bars, restaurants and nightclubs are still open.

Heineken sold more than 20 percent less beer in the Netherlands. In the hotel and catering industry there was a decrease of 80 percent. Some of that revenue loss was offset by retail sales.

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Great anticipation and other noises about ‘the first beer’


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