an e-Power series hybrid engine and an advanced ProPilot system

Nissan’s bestseller, the Qashqai will be released in a whole new generation next year. It is through him that e-Power technology will make its entry into the European range.

Launched in 2007, the Nissan Qashqai has been a true commercial steamroller over the two generations. After renewing the Juke, Nissan takes a new turn by announcing the arrival of the third generation. And to put all the chances on its side, the Japanese brand will inaugurate the e-Power hybrid technology with the compact SUV.

The next generation of Nissan Qashqai will trust an evolution of its CMF-C platform already released by the current version. Thanks to numerous technical alterations, it will claim a lower mass, contributing in large part to the weight loss of the SUV of around 60 kg. Very important for Yokohama, this model will not miss its turn by adopting the latest technologies of the brand. Particularly in the mechanical chapter, since it will be the first in the range to embed e-Power technology in Europe. A hybrid engine already offered in Japan, where it is very successful.

Diesel engines are retiring

The compact SUV will therefore not trust Renault’s complex e-Tech system. It will embed the exotic series-hybrid technology, where the electric motor provides traction while the gasoline engine takes care of generating the necessary electrical energy. The operation will be similar to that of the Nissan Note which we were able to discover exclusively in its native lands, but we bet that it will have to undergo improvements to satisfy the European driver. Because the stakes are high: the e-Power engine will push the diesel dCi unit towards the exit door. In addition, mild-hybrid 12v petrol engines will also be available in the catalog.

The next Nissan Qashqai, dressed in a new dress that would bring it closer to the Juke, will fill up with equipment. It will include the semi-autonomous ProPilot driving system improved with a side protection warning or blind spot monitoring. It will also be coupled with navigation to anticipate slowdowns according to the data sent by the Navi-Link system. Finally, matrix lighting will also be on the program. A little more patience, the third generation Nissan Qashqai will see the light of day in spring 2021.


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