an electric utility vehicle with only 132 km of autonomy

Known for its work on the basis of Volkswagen sports cars, the ABT preparer is slowly entering the electric segment. Today it goes further with the Volkswagen eTransporter.

Actor in the Formula E championship, the German preparer tends to deploy his electrical expertise on the road. After initial proposals based on the civilian version of the Volkswagen T6, otherwise known as the Transporter or Multivan, ABT is launching an electric version dedicated to professionals.

To carry out its last kilometer delivery missions, the electric utility receives a 113 hp engine for 200 Nm of torque, powered by a battery of only 32.5 kWh. This low capacity is no miracle and the range does not exceed 132 km on a WLTP cycle. A value that does not allow it to compete with the trio of PSA utilities, which offer 230 km in basic configuration (50 kWh battery).

The price struggles to justify itself given the autonomy announced

The maximum speed is restricted to 90 km / h, but an option allows the limit to be raised to 120 km / h. At the charging station, the eTransporter requires just under 6 hours on a 7.2 kW Wallbox. The CCS plug can collect a power of 50 kW maximum on a fast charging station, which can increase the charge to 80% in 45 minutes.

Not to help, the sale price displayed by ABT has something to cool: in Germany, the utility is displayed at a price of 44,990 euros, or from 459 euros per month in long-term rental.


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