An investor explains what property entrepreneurs have to bring


The constant change in the world of work makes soft skills crucial to meet new challenges.

According to Natalie Fratto, investor at Goldman Sachs, entrepreneurs need an important key qualification for success: adaptability.

In a Ted Talk, Fratto explains how this elementary property can be discovered and expanded.

In today’s working world, in addition to specialist skills, so-called soft skills are becoming increasingly important. According to Natalie Fratto, an American investor who works for Goldman Sachs and invests in small businesses, success requires an important key qualification: adaptability.

When deciding which companies they want to support, Fratto says not only based on intelligence and charisma, but above all on how adaptable their counterpart is. Because in order to decide between hundreds of company founders who is funded, this characteristic is the decisive factor for success. In a Ted Talk, the investor explains how adaptability can be measured and expanded and what one’s own way of dealing with challenges has to do with it.

The key to success

Generally describes
Adaptability the ability to rely on changed
To set the requirements and conditions of an environment. Loud
This property is worth gold in the world of work for Fratto, because before
against the background of constantly changing working conditions
Companies rely on employees who act accordingly
can adjust.

How adaptable
According to Fratto, a person is above all in dealing with
drastic changes. The difference is whether
someone appreciates changes and grows or grows on them
withdraw and rely on the familiar.

The ability to adapt to unexpected changes is the most important factor in making oneself indispensable in times when all social groups are facing greater changes than ever before.

The good thing about such a personality trait, according to Fratto, is that there is no set measure of adaptability and that everyone can find out and learn how adaptable they are to new situations.

How can
recognize the quality in yourself and others

To find out how adaptable a person is, Natalie Fratto recommends confronting people with different “what if …” scenarios and then letting them go through different versions. Candidates must be able to understand different future scenarios and make appropriate decisions. Measured by the number of options that your counterpart can actually imagine and color in, it can be concluded that the person is adaptable.

It is also important for the investor to find out whether a person is open to changing their own opinion. That is also a form of adaptability. For example, she likes to ask candidates when they were last wrong and which argument was most convincing to their counterpart.

An important indicator of a person’s ability to adapt is the willingness to question existing knowledge and possibly to replace it with new knowledge. While it is difficult to overwrite information deeply embedded in our brains, it is easier when you see changes positively.

It is important to take different perspectives and perspectives, and to accept new knowledge willingly is a sign of your own adaptability. According to Fratto, a penchant for new discoveries is a prerequisite for taking up new knowledge and taking other perspectives. It is important to break routines and try new things, such as learning a new language or exploring exotic culinary skills.

This ability is particularly useful when looking for a new job or moving to a new industry. The main thing is to look at the conditions of an activity and then find out how your own skills can be brought to bear in the new job.

new situations can be learned

Like the investor
emphasized in her speech, is adaptability in any
Form anchored in all people and can therefore be learned and
get extended.

Fratto recommends
for this, at the interfaces of departments and in organizations
to act. The ability to learn interdisciplinary skills
help to close certain gaps in a company itself
and occupy a niche.

Also be it
beneficial, in a discourse every now and then the role of the dissident
to take. This will help yourself and others to do things from
to see another perspective and distance from your own ideas
and to gain viewpoints. Because adaptability shows itself
much in whether a person is ready despite a strong opinion
to reject them in the face of new knowledge.

As a third advice, Fratto gives its listeners on the way to write down and document wrong steps and wrong decisions. Even if such situations are often uncomfortable, the writing can help to see these moments in a more positive light and as learning experiences – and ultimately as steps to success.


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