Analysts: RAM prices are falling faster than expected

According to market researcher Trendforce, prices for DRAM chips are falling faster than expected thanks to full stocks.

A few months ago, anyone who wanted to equip their computer with additional RAM modules had to dig much deeper into their pockets than they do today. Although market researchers had already predicted this drop in price for DRAM chips, it is now apparently taking place faster than expected. Trendforce analysts believe that RAM stick prices will continue to fall over the course of the year. Responsible for this is a steadily increasing production of the chips. This in turn means that manufacturers have to reduce their prices in order not to be left with full inventories.

Up to 18 percent lower prices

The manufacturers from South Korea in particular would grant large price reductions. The competition has to follow suit in order to be able to keep up with the sales of RAM chips. According to Trendforce, these developments will ensure that prices in the third quarter of 2022 will not fall by 8 to 13 percent as expected, but will even fall by up to 18 percent.

Will DDR5 RAM also become cheaper?

For the fourth quarter, however, Trendforce only expects a price decline of 3 to 8 percent. The reason for this is the manufacturer’s warehouses, which are then clearly emptied again. Nevertheless, there could also be a further drop in the price of DRAM chips in 2023. The price increase for DDR3 modules that was recorded last year has declined again due to a drop in demand. Many producers will therefore switch to DDR4 modules, which in turn will become cheaper. Trendforce leaves it open to what extent the prices of DDR5 RAM will develop. These faster modules can already be used with the current Intel processors in combination with a suitable mainboard, the upcoming Ryzen 7000 CPUs will also be designed for DDR5 RAM.

Ryzen 7000: DDR5-6000 RAM should be optimal

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