Anchor to Astra Zeneca: "Big setback"

However, the health minister does not want to accept it and hopes for additional deliveries.

“Today this is really very, very bad news,” said Health Minister Rudolf Anschober about the problems that had become known with the delivery of the Astra Zeneca vaccine in the ZiB 2. It is a “major setback” for all of Europe.

He also hopes that Astra Zeneca will be approved on January 29th – for a comprehensive, not restricted to certain age groups.

But they will not come to terms with the new situation, they hope that there will be additional deliveries in the second quarter, then the vaccination plan could still be adhered to to some extent.

It remains that you wanted to have vaccinated as a resident of homes at the end of February. But then you may have to redesign the vaccination plan.

APA – Austria Press Agency

From tomorrow, measures would have to be taken, demanded SP leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner in the same broadcast on the new situation. It is now important to get additional vaccinations in the country – for example from Israel, where there are excess doses.

Rendi also commented on her opposition policy, which some have criticized as being too consensual: she always tries to criticize on a factual level – and in the current crisis it is essential to talk to one another.

It is not about tactical considerations, but about those of reason – in the sense of solutions to get out of the crisis. But she did not deny that there had been an improvement in the discussion climate between the ÖVP and the SPÖ.


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