Anchoring after high Sunday value: Partial lockdown didn’t bring much

5,226 new infections within 24 hours were reported in Austria on Sunday. That is a “dramatically high value for a Sunday”, stressed Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) in a broadcast.

It is gratifying that after weeks of strong growth, the number of hospitalizations fell slightly for the first time to 4,458, including the seriously ill in intensive care by 14 to 683.

The number of new deaths is still very high at 60.

Soft lockdown did not result in any significant decrease

“The partial lockdown, which began two and a half weeks ago, has clearly stabilized (at a dramatically high level), but not a significant reduction in new infections,” says Anschober. Note: three weeks ago restaurants and hotels were closed, but trade and schools remained open.

The hard lockdown, however, could not work on the sixth day. “Towards the end of the coming week, however, there must be clear reductions in new infections,” emphasizes Anschober. “Everything that doesn’t really have to be in terms of contacts should be avoided by all of us.”

South Tyrol is being observed

One of the measures after the tough lockdown, scheduled for December 6th, will be mass tests of the population. One of these will be held this weekend in South Tyrol. A representative of the operations management of the Austrian Corona crisis team was also sent there. “It shows that we can learn a lot from the experience from South Tyrol – above all that continuous digitization, its continuous functionality despite extreme stress and the right communication are crucial,” reports Anschober.

Lively influx of mass tests

The mass test that began on Friday in the autonomous Italian province was continued on Sunday with lively participation. Of the 350,000 or so people who were called for antigen testing, more than 270,000 have already taken part. One percent tested positive for the corona virus. Intermittent problems with the transmission of the test results have now been resolved.

1105 penalties for corona violations

Since the start of the tightened lockdown last Tuesday, the police have punished 1,105 violations of the measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic across Austria up to and including Saturday. In 822 cases there were reports and in 275 cases organ mandates according to the Covid-19 Measures Act, it said on Sunday from the Ministry of the Interior. Eight other body mandates were imposed under the Epidemic Act.

Fireworks ban?

Meanwhile, at the weekend, there were first considerations in this country about a possible fireworks ban on New Year’s Eve. Similar to the Netherlands or some provinces of Belgium, for example, an end for firecrackers could come in Upper Austria, the country’s crisis team told the APA. “Internal consultations are currently taking place on this,” it said. The background to this is not to strain the tense situation in the hospitals even more with annual injuries due to the New Year’s bang.


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