“And the legs?”: Unfavorable Tesla photo of Model Y with 3rd row of seats raises questions

Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to have a weakness for a lot of seats in his electric cars. Even for the Model S, there was initially an optional third row with two small additional seats, but the Model X is still like that today. The Model Y was also announced early with this option, and this week Tesla opened the orders for it. Interested parties had already wondered how two additional people should be accommodated in the relatively compact electric car with the sloping roof. And when Tesla published the first photo of its solution, the questions didn’t decrease.

White Tesla seats with little space

Without an official announcement, the Tesla Model Y has also been available with a third row of seats since the middle of this week. At least that applies to North America, where the crossover electric car is already being delivered, and Europe, which is still waiting for it. At the beginning of January, sales in China started from local production, but the seven-seater option is not yet available there. In the USA it costs 3,000 dollars, in Germany 3100 euros; however, it is only displayed there and cannot be selected for pre-orders.

In Tesla’s US configurator, the seven seats for Model Y can now be selected, but not viewed. But after reports from observers and the media, Tesla confirmed on Twitter late on Friday that the option is now available and published its first photo of it. It shows the interior of a Model Y in elegant white, with the third row at the very back, in front of which two of the three seat backrests are folded down in the middle

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That doesn’t look bad (even if a Twitter commenter criticized offset seams in a greatly enlarged section). However, it is also noticeable in the photo that there does not seem to be much space for the legs or the heads of the rear passengers. “Where should the legs go?” Was one of the most frequently quoted and best rated comments. This question has been asked more than once.

Third row in Model Y only for acrobats?

There were also answers to this, not a few of them in the form of fun photos or drawings with acrobatic people who can fold their legs vertically upwards in an otherwise sitting position. More seriously, it was pointed out that the middle row slides horizontally, according to information on the Tesla website. If you forego some legroom (which is otherwise generous in the middle in Model Y), you gain space for passengers behind it. As happens more often in discussions about alleged Tesla weaknesses, some participants also pointed out that other vehicles also offer very little space in the third and sometimes even the second row of seats.

With a photo with the second row pushed forward, Tesla could probably have saved himself and others a lot of these comments. Especially with the slippery Model Y, however, there is not much room for the head due to the sloping roof. This would make the third row especially suitable for children and other not tall people. For the first group, however, one commentator lacked an Isofix logo, which would indicate that child seats can be securely attached there.


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