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André Hazes broke through alcohol with his Monique

The break between André Hazes and Monique Westenberg was caused by the bottle last year. The singer said that in the program last night Linda’s Winter Month.

At the time of the break, things had been “not going well for months” between André and Monique. The final end, however, came when the singer sat on the couch in his own house separate from his girlfriend and thought about it again. “I said,” If you can’t live with what makes me happy, then we have to stop. “It was about alcohol,” said Dré.

“Really thought I was in my right”

And Monique really agreed with that. “She said,” Okay, then we’ll quit. “Then I went out and it was really done. Then I really thought I was in my right. I was absolutely convinced of it. ”

Not long afterwards, André started a relationship with Bridget Maasland, someone who, according to him, “also had a lifestyle like a glass of wine and socializing. I thought: this is Valhalla, I can be who I really am. ” But that turned out to be short-lived, he realized. “I found out pretty quickly: this is actually not life at all.”

Wedding boat

André and Monique are now together again and they even have plans to marry together. In mid-December, the singer proposed to his girlfriend. “My great love, strongest and most beautiful woman on earth said YES”, André wrote with a photo on his Instagram.

Monique told how the proposal went: she wrote that she was picked up by a friend for a benefit evening. When she walked into the room where the gala was to be held, she thought it was very quiet. “At that moment I was taken into a fairytale,” she tells her followers.

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André Hazes broke through alcohol with his Monique


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