André told mother Rachel after sneer to Roxeanne

Roxeanne responded under a photo on Instagram that Monique had shared. It showed Monique’s dog, who turned two years old. ‘Fender’s boyfriend! Congratulations!’ Roxeanne responded. Then Rachel responded again: “He should have befriended Davinci instead of getting rid of him after 9 years! Shame on you… ”A lot of people stood up for Roxeanne.

André, who has better contact with his mother, decided to get a story. “I called her and asked: ‘What is this then?'” André begins to say. “My mother and sister have quite a thing and that is different than my mother and I have ever had. And I have not spoken to her for four years.”

When André asked his mother why she posted that comment, he got only one answer. “She said: ‘Then people can already prepare for my book.'” Despite that statement, André does not think that Rachel’s possible book will lead to a major war with Roxeanne. “They have one thing. I am very sorry about that. And I think they are both very sorry too and especially my mother.”

“My mother is very hard and crazy for people, but I am sure if you experience this with your child. This is really very sour.” André now has contact with Roxeanne again. “I love my sister and I am happy with the contact we have. But my mother does have certain points of view. I don’t know either. And I don’t know what’s going to be in that book. There I am. also a little worried about. “

You can see all the fuss around Rachel and Roxeanne in the video below.


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