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André van Duin receives important award: ‘Never heard of’

Once a comedian, always a comedian. When André van Duin heard that he had won an important prize, he made a joke.

André van Duin has today received the Media Oeuvre Award. Ron Brandsteder surprised him with the prize in the Time for Max program. The comedian and program maker receives the award because in his career he is “of great influence on the Dutch media landscape.”

Just kidding Van Duin

Van Duin was surprised. “How wonderful, I had never heard of it,” he joked. The jury of the prize calls Van Duin a “great folk comedian” and “one of the Netherlands’ greatest media personalities”.

Television personality

The 73-year-old André van Duin made a name for himself as a comedian in theater and on television from the 1960s. He presented, among other things, On land at sea and in the air, was a regular guest in the quiz Who am I? and presented the Dik Voormekaar Show on the radio. Van Duin, born Adrianus Marinus Kloot, also played in various feature films and made music during his career. He first changed his surname “Kloot” to “Kyvon” and when he started applying for jobs in the 1960s, he started using his pseudonym. André van Duin was born,

Read here about the memorable broadcast of DWDD in which Van Duin made many cry (Matthijs’ eyes also glittered)

The Media Oeuvre Award, an initiative of, that weekly also selects podcasts for Metro by theme, such as murder, is an annual prize awarded to an influential media professional. Last year the award was won by Jan Slagter, head of broadcaster MAX.


Until sometime in 2014, songs and items from Van Duin were regularly posted by a huge fan, such as the now inappropriate “I don’t have my day”.

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André van Duin receives important award: “Never heard of”


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