Android 12 makes it easier to share your WiFi with others

Android is working on a system that allows other people at your home to log in to your wifi without having to give them the password. The new feature has surfaced in the beta version of Android 12 that came out recently.

If you have visitors (if allowed), it sometimes happens that they ask for your WiFi password so that they do not have to be on mobile internet. That is often a hassle where you have to find the piece of paper that contains that difficult code. And then you have to be lucky that nothing is mistyped.

In Android 12 it will be possible to share that password wirelessly with others using the ‘Nearby Share’ function. The website Android Police and Mishaal Rahman of XDADevelopers noticed this possibility in the beta version of this new operating system.

Nearby Share

To do that you need to open your WiFi network on your smartphone and click on ‘Share’. If you do that now, you will see a QR code that others can scan to log in to your WiFi. With Android 12 there is a new, even simpler way.

With the ‘Nearby Share’ button your smartphone searches for other smartphones in the area. Click on the desired device. The other person will then receive a notification that he or she must accept to connect to the Wi-Fi network. The password itself is not shared.


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