Android 13 asks permission for notifications

The second developer preview of Android 13 asks users for permission for notifications.

Google released the second developer preview of Android 13 this week. The software includes an important new feature: app developers must now ask users for permission to send them notifications. Apple integrated a similar feature into iOS a few years ago.

Apps must ask for notification permission

As Google writes in its blog, asking for permission in Android 13 will be a requirement for apps.

“Apps targeting Android 13 must now get user permission before sending notifications”

explains Dave Burke, VP of Engineering for Android.

Bluetooth LE and MIDI 2.0

Another important feature in the second developer preview is Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) support. Bluetooth LE Audio is a new standard. This supports the audio codec Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3), which can transmit lower bit rates with higher quality. The technology ensures lower energy consumption, which in turn should protect the battery.

Support for the MIDI 2.0 standard is also included in the second developer preview. MIDI 2.0 hardware can now be connected via USB. The standard allows for two-way communication, higher resolution with 32-bit messages, and more precise timing.

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