Android 13: Final Beta is available

Earlier than expected, Google released the fourth and final beta of the Android 13 mobile operating system.

Google released the fourth and final beta for Android 13 this week. The announcement states that the official release of Android 12

“just a few weeks away”

be. This means that Google is faster with its annual update 2022 than in the previous year. Android 12 was released in October 2021. However, a specific date for the final version of Android 13 has not yet been announced.

Fine-tuning in the fourth beta

The fourth beta does not offer any new functions compared to the third Android 13 beta. Google had already achieved platform stability with the last update. With the fourth beta, only further fine-tuning is added. The new features of Android 13 include support for the new Bluetooth LE audio standards, design options for app icons and a photo picker that can be used to limit the images that apps can access.

Beta for end users and developers

With the beta versions, interested Android users can take a look at the new operating system before it is released. App developers also benefit from the preliminary versions. This gives you enough time to adapt your apps to new functions. If you want to try out the fourth beta of Android 13, you can find instructions and a list of supported devices on the Google developer platform.

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